Let Go Of What They Think

2 Day Online Women's Healing Retreat

Next Retreat:

August 28 & 29, 2021 10AM CT - 5PM CT


Do you feel the heaviness of your family's disappointment/disapproval?


Are you afraid to let people know of your true thoughts and feelings?


Are you worn out from trying to keep everyone's lives together, except your own?

If you said YES to any of these questions, this interactive live webinar is for YOU!


Life is hard enough as it is.  We have been taught by society and our family to make it even harder by fearing what others think about us. 


Letting go of trying to control what people think of you is the BEST gift you could give yourself.  It isn’t an easy shift to make because it's deeply ingrained in us to want to be liked, accepted, approved of. So we spend most of our lives trying to hide, pretend and make decisions that don't feel right for us.


Though it's a painful pattern, you can change it now. Together, we can break the bonds of feeling trapped in other’s judgments and free ourselves to be authentic and confident in who we are. 


Life is TOO SHORT to be anything other than you. You deserve to feel safe and secure enough to do that, regardless of what others think.

Set aside 2 days of YOU time, no distractions, get comfy in your PJ’s and grab some hot tea/coffee, some light, nutritious snacks and FREE yourself from the bonds of what everyone else thinks of you.


  • Proven formula to arrest people pleasing for good
  • Language to use to empower yourself with others
  • How to build confidence in yourself and in your decisions
  • How to redirect your distraction energy into your heartfelt desires
  • Create a customized self-care routine to feel grounded/stable in your life
  • Avoid the rookie mistake newly recovering people pleasers make
  • Learn to never feel taken advantage of again

You deserve to feel GOOD being YOU

You will also learn about a program created by Morgan & Angie that you can enroll in to further find healing, support and freedom from the judgement of others.

Meet The Coaches

Angie Monko

Empowers women to decide if they should stay or go in a relationship or career so they can get clear about their choices and create a beautiful future as a Loving Self-Advocate.

Morgan Higdon

Has a passion for helping women gain confidence in who they are while dealing with difficult life transitions such as leaving a high demand religion. Her clients learn that they deserve to feel good about themselves, regardless of what they believe or what others think of them.

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